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You wouldn't want to tell your date you're cancelling because you're sick, only for him or her to see tagged pictures of you drinking around town the day after. #5 Schedule your next date. If you still Even if your date was an ass, you should be the bigger person and leave the situation politely. If it can't be helped, here are . 18 Jul Not that you need a fake excuse for canceling a date, but it can feel nicer or more polite to be able to give some sort of reason when you call two hours ahead of time to be like, "Sorry but also no." For the next time you need a trusty excuse, here are 14 freebies. 1. "Hey, so there's, like, a 60 percent chance I'll. 1 Feb Our reader has a problem I'm a little jealous of--canceling a date with one nice guy because she already found another--but it's a problem she wants to deal.

How to politely invitation off a date?

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September 6, 5: I went on a fantastic date with Mary four weeks ago, before she took a month-long trip overseas. We were so enthusiastic about how shocking it went that we talked around getting together when she got behindhand. I meet Sarah that month and we hit it off even change one's mind.

How To Cancel A Date With A Guy Politely

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