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verb, a modification of the spoon position. one lies on their side in the original spoon position and the other lies on their back knees bent up and over the others legs. perfected only with sundaying. 20 Oct When spooning; the spooner on the outside with there back being untouched is known as the "big spoon" usually this person is bigger The spooner on the inside with their stomach being untouched is the "little spoon" usually this person is smaller in some way. Top definition. spooning leads to forkingunknown. Common phrase linking the acts of spooning and forking. Basically, what starts with cuddling can easily end in sex. Everyone knows that spooning leads to forking. #spooning#forking# sporking#sex#cuddling. by Giant Peach November 09, Get the mug.

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  • A style of cuddling where the boyfriend/taller girlfriend lays facing the same direction as their shorter boyfriend/girlfriend and wraps their arms around the waist from the back, fitting well-balanced like "spoons". Being 1: Did you hear that Consequence and Shannon were spooning last night? Person 2: Yeah They do it too much.
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  • to engage in carnal actions while the other partner is asleep.
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  • A spoon is an imaginary part of energy occupied by people with illnesses and disabilities. These people utilize spoons to report daily activites with a limited author of energy. The Spoon Theory was developed by Christine Miserandino, a better half with Lupus to describe units of energy to her friend. She gave her friend a handful.

It's altogether clear from the report that the men involved in the study could be describe as in queer dispassionate if that at all because we are talking on every side a place where it's just critical for same genders to cuddle interconnections.

What they are doing cuddling is at most lecherous attraction.

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These guys ARE straight, but still are still attracted to the feeling of cuddling with other men. That study perfectly shows how complex warmth is. But how does this hearsay report respond?

What Does Spooning Mean Urban Dictionary


  • Name: Casey
  • Age: 20
  • Heigh: 5'.5"
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I absolutely love music and i enjoy drinking from time to time. I have a wicked sense of humour and am very straight forward. Also you should know i'm very passionate . Along with my fantasy and really in the end will be rewarded.

September 7th, , What does "spoon with me" mean? Like little spoons in a drawer. I love spooning xD. If life gives you lemons.. Having trouble finding a reason to live and keep going with my life A big spoon the person with their back facing out and a little spoon the person being held , back to chest and the big spoon puts their arm around the other.

Last edited by wtblife; September 7th, at September 8th, , And I don't think spooning is really gay either. I shamelessly spoon with guys and they don't mind. We're both straight and I usually only do it when I'm cold. Like lying on your sides and cuddling each other on a bed.

Popular Posts Spooning, Forking, Kniving? I Miss Missy Elliot! I Was Just Thinking: Norah Jones and Scott Peterson. Tuesday, July 5, Spooning, Forking, Kniving? Everyone knows what spooning and forking are pretty much, right? I don't want to assume because you know what they say when you assume so here are some definitions of utensils and the relationship to the human condition provided by urbandictionary.

Look at those innocent faces, those utensils are up to no good though don't let them fool you! Apparently Robert spooned John in their sleep while they were on the ski trip! A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. When two people sleep with each other, but they are back to back.

Their backs are touching while they are sleeping. The term "kniving" derived from the terms "spooning" and "forking". Casual sex

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