Does It Hurt To Get Your Lip Pierced

To Hurt Pierced Your Lip Get It Does

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Answer (1 of 89): Getting your lip, or any part of your body pierced does hurt. The amount of pain that people feel when getting their lip pierced depends on the pain threshold of the person in question. This is the same for any piercing, or for tattoos. Another element that should be taken into account when having a piercing is. Three Parts:Preparing for Your Lip PiercingCleaning and Caring for Your Lip PiercingKnowing What to AvoidCommunity Q&A. Taking proper Your lip piercing won't heal properly if you are allergic to the jewelry, so go back to the piercer as soon as you can if you suspect an allergy. . How much does a lip piercing hurt?. it depends on your pain tolerance really. but you should aslo be worried about the peicing itself be aware that the side of your lip will swell up for about 2 days as well as all the other things that could go wrong, youll most likely avoid them if you get it dont by a trusted profesional and dont be afraid to ask them any questions.

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Does It Hurt To Get Your Lip Pierced

Does getting your lip pierced hurt? Are you sure you want to wipe out this answer?

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As someone with one and as a conscientious piercer who does them, you should expect nothing but professionalism and protection from the piercer. You will survive into the snitch on and you should be quickly greeted in a familiar fashion, they command check your ID and you leave fill out a form.

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  • It hurts a little but as long as you take care of it and make sure you don't get it infected the pain is usually min-able but if it does gets infected it hurts so bad. But a tongue piercing hurts worse than a lip piercing. Lips don't hurt at all. But, it depends on: your personal pain tolerance -how thick your lip is -how fast the piercing is.
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