Do Aria And Ezra Dating In Real Life

Real Do Ezra Dating In Life And Aria

Are aria and fitz dating in real life, do aria and mr fitz dating in real life

Lucy Hale and Ian Harding are actually only three years apart in real life. tbh Ezria is stale now. they have been dating since season 1 and it's getting boring. . Even when they show Ezra with Aria's friends, it's either him as an authority figure (like Emily's boss) or just really weird (in boxers on the Xmas special), but I still. 2 Oct The dating lives of the Pretty Little Liars stars are always a topic of conversation among fans, so we weren't surprised to see this question among the most-asked on Wetpaint Entertainment: Have Lucy Hale (Aria) and Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) ever dated in real life? Maybe it's because these two play. 26 Aug And while the two may be going through a rough patch — with Ezra being "A" and Aria on the verge of finding out — we hope there's a way for Ezria to work things out. After all, show creator Marlene King did say they were "endgame." But what is the relationship like Ian Harding and Lucy Hale, the actors.

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  • 7 Aug First, let's be clear that Harding is not dating Lucy Hale. I know all you Ezra and Aria fans still want these two to be real-life couple, but that's not happening — at least anytime soon. Not only does Hale have a boyfriend, but Harding has a girlfriend of four years. He confirmed the news to People in March.
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A post shared nigh Ian Harding. As Aria and Ezra, Lucy Hale and Ian Harding induce such undeniable chemistry that they in perpetuity get asked if they are dating.

Do Aria And Ezra Dating In Real Life

To the disappointment of Ezria fans part, they are both taken, but quiet have a darned close friendship.

Lucy Hale & Ian Harding aka Aria & Ezra of ‘Pretty Little Liars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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  • Not to offend any Ezria shippers personally, I go back and forth between shipping Ezria and hating Ezria but if Ezria existed in real life it would seem a lot more wrong than it does in the show.
  • 16 Feb While you might track the ups and downs of the Liars' relationships on-screen, their off-screen relationships are a little more private. Here's who all the PLL stars are dating in real life, from Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell to Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn.
  • We are perpetually elbow to explanation more drawn fine questions that you energy obtain, so don't alternate to excess us a call.

  • Lucy Hale and Ian Harding’s Real-Life Relationship — What Is It Like?
  • Are aria and ezra from pretty little liars dating in real life

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