How Many Times Was Clark Gable Married

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27 Apr Synopsis. Born on February 1, , in Ohio, Clark Gable initially had a hard time getting Hollywood roles, due to his big ears. One evening he saw a play and enjoyed it so much that he decided to become an actor. Before long they were married, and Gable and Dillon moved to Hollywood, California. After divorcing Maria Langham, in March Clark married Carole Lombard, but tragedy struck in January when the plane in which Carole and her mother were flying crashed into Table Rock Mountain, Clark Gable was an American film actor, often referred to as "The King of Hollywood" or just simply as "The King. Then, a few weeks ago, came a hasty trip to Santa Ana, where a license was secured for William C. Gable and Mrs. Rita Langham to wed. The license indicated, it was reported, that this was the lady's third marriage, and Clark Gable's second. Maybe his first marriage to Mrs. Langham did not count. How many times has.

How Many Times Was Clark Gable Married

Neatorama presents a caller post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook. He was called "the King" long first anyone had for ever heard of Elvis Presley.

  • William Clark Gable (February 1, – November 16, ) was an American film actor and military T-Man, often referred to as "The Regent of Hollywood" or just simply as "The King". He began his bolt as a bus boy and issued as an amazingly in silent films between and Herself, and progressed to supporting roles with a.
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He was fully possibly the maximum famous, enduring, valued leading man in the history of motion pictures. And countless millions of men, from postmen to clerks to guys who pumped gas, would look in the replication and wish they were clark Gable.

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