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You are just a slave and you do whatever I tell you to do! And I can see that you already bought the chastity belt, wore it and gave me the key good! This way I have the complete control over your dick and your chastity. But of course I won't do it for free! You will pay me lot of money for spending some of my valuable time. 29 Mar Do not contact me on YouTube, my messages don't send properly! Email [email protected] Allow me to introduce myself, Princess Chelsea. I'm new t. 24 Mar Of all the sexual fetishes in the world, financial domination has perhaps one of the most glamourous images. Beautiful women are sent money and lavished with expensive gifts by men who want next-to-nothing in return - it's all about submitting to the dominant woman and relinquishing control over your.

Fiscal domination can likewise take many forms — some slaves want to be slowly driven to ruination, and other just get a kick out of sending tributes.

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There are also those who might do it for the wholesome humiliation of having a Financial Power Give Me Your laugh at him while she lingers on how dolorous he must be because he has to pay her for her notoriety. So for future Findoms aka economic dominatrices and meet pigs alike, here are a tips you can have for unstinting.

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This does not, however, mean the dominant party gets to spend the rest on themselves. The kick during the sub is that they are eeking out a living eating bread, beans, and the basics to maintain the dominant blithe.

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I personally think those tutorials are a scam and I can sum it up for you in a undesigning blog post. A have a insufficient well-paying subs who currently pay a lot per month.

I will explain how below. Definition of financial domination: Utmost people like smooth money. Very handful get off on giving their hard-earned dollars away. What I mean is, they provide services to fetishists on account of clips, cam shows, phone lines, and selling worn elements. This is not financial domination. These are business transactions. These are guys who suck up your time and energy through news letter, messenger or what have you and give you exceptionally little or no money.

A milk-white while is a sub who spends a lot of money and needs very little outdated on your interest to do so. For instance, the slave X.

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You are just a slave and you do whatever I tell you to do! And I can see that you already bought the chastity tract, wore it and gave me the key This started I have the complete control done with your dick and your chastity. But of course I won't do it for free! You will pay me lot of stinking rich for spending some of my precious time with your pathetic life! That means from these days on I direction your dick - and your flush too! And I guess with that locked dick your are very startled to become horny, aren't you?

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