Female Fart Domination Story

Story Domination Female Fart

1 May It contains female face farts on a guy. If you a A Bored Mistress female face farts on a guy. If you are not interested in reading fart fetish stories, don't read what comes below. Felicity eagerly got to her feet when she heard the knock on her door and she opened it for her new slave. He was rather plain. 20 Apr Cheerleader under-butt South rivers high school was a relatively small place, its pupil list tying in at around students. The school was famous stat Cheerleader under-butt. How She Dominates (pt. 4). *warning: contains female farts* Previously on How She Dominates: André finally obtained his position at Thunder, Inc. He thought that he would only have to tolerate Delilah's farts every now and then, but little did he know he was actually the company fart pig, which Grace quickly proved to him .

Female Fart Domination Story

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If you are not interested in reading fart fetish stories, don't read what comes below. She was sitting, undifferentiated always, watching her wide-screen television on her lavish leather sofa in her expensive house excuse in the motherland.

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26 Nov Thank you so much for checking out my story, Kary! I definitely will continue, and I can promise you will see Sadie getting more dominant, Jake only hating her dominance more, and some new girls coming in to fuel Sadie's push for becoming a mistress! (Oh, and they also want to use Jake as their fart. 5 Mar WARNING: This story contains fart fetish material, domination, humiliation, and lesbian fantasies. If you are not into that this will only confuse and f The New Job Part 22 Dec Though I never state it, I always operate on the pretense that the 'deadly' farts can always be tolerated by women, perhaps even enjoyed; but this was written a while ago, a time when I worried less about believability and more about just pure and simple, undeserved cruelty like in the stories of the authors I.

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