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Q: How to delete app in app store permanently. I want to delete my applications that have been downloaded from App Store permently. I can only find the 'Hide' button, but I wanna delete these and don't want to see on 'not on this phone' tab. iPhone 7 Plus. Posted on Sep 24, PM. Reply I have this question too . 16 Feb Is your apps pane in iTunes getting increasingly cluttered? If you know where to look, it's easy to permanently delete iOS apps you no longer use from iTunes. 14 Dec iTunes email purchase receipts include the name of the iOS device or the generic Mac identifier for OS X App Store purchases. And the other issue, removing purchases? You can hide them from appearing. In iTunes for OS X, following these steps: In the upper bar near the right, click your name and select.

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It's just with the purchased option from time to time coming up junior to updates in the app store I would like to remove some of the free apps that I dont use. Sorry, I don't think the apps can be deleted from Obtain History, but set afloat iTunes.

How To Delete Apps From Itunes Store

Click Apps under Library included the source tabulation on the Right or guidance click an app then click Wipe out.

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