Dating Someone Who Occasionally Does Drugs

Occasionally Dating Drugs Who Someone Does

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I recently found out the guy I am dating takes cocaine occasionally. Contrary to popular depiction, almost everyone who uses even hard drugs is not an addict. 2 Hell, I did a bunch of drugs for a couple years and just up and quit, here I am now straight as an arrow other than smidgerettes - even then, it goes in and out. 4 Sep Yes, but as long as they're not regular users. Every few months or a few times during summer festivals are okay. If it's constant, then no. The same as those who drink loads or smoke loads, because money just ends up going down the pan. Occasional use is fine. Recreational drugs only too. 'Drugs' is a. If I have a good job that I'm never late too, pay my bills on time, call my mom once a week to tell her I love her, eat right, exercise, maintain a clean house, a fit body, and everyone enjoys spending time with me, but I occasionally do a little bit of drugs, does this make me undatable? Are the only girls interested in dating me.

So, I started seeing a girl a couple of months ago.

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She's different than me in a consignment of ways, but none of which really bother me except for her "occasional" drug utilization part. Dating Someone Who Occasionally Does Drugs was a topic that came up when we first started dating, but the chance that bothered me is that she admitted to me that she'll sometimes "slip up" and do coke.

She said she cast-off to do corporation and mushrooms but doesn't do them anymore.

Dating Someone Who Periodically Does Drugs

I tried to get her to quantify how frequently she "slipped up" and she told me that she's done coke round 10 times she's 24 now.

As someone who smoked his share of weed in tall school and beginning on in college, I know that people tend to under-exaggerate things compatible this, but noiselessness, I know she doesn't do drugs with any lenient of regularity.

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  • These days, I'm a pretty easy-going guy about a lot of things, but about have a really tough time dating someone who can't say %, "I don't do drugs." Anyway , after dating her a couple of months it's apparent to me she has some friends who are still very much into the drug scene. I don't have a problem.
  • Yes, I'm not interested in anyone who does drugs, even if it's just "recreational" or "casual" or "occasionally" or "socially". No drugs Someone who hangs out with a sketchy crowd and occasionally uses meth or crack is a different story. Someone who smokes marijuana or does LSD occasionally, cool.
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  • 26 May It's hard to explain to someone who's never done drugs before that you can do that shit, and it's more of a celebratory thing in some cases than anything else. I was on a date with someone, and she seemed like more of a quiet, nerdy type, and then it turned out she was more of a bohemian than a nerd.

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