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High Standards. February 24th, |Comments Off on High Standards. If there's one thing our 2X Ms. Bikini Pro Champion Nati Castillo has learned from all the hard work and sacrifices is to "never apologize for having high standards People [ ] PAST FEATURES. 16 Nov Hundreds of gorgeous pageant hopefuls descended on Shenzhen in south China's Guangdong Province on November 16 to compete at the Miss Bikini Universe final. She literally came out of nowhere to win last year's Ms. Bikini and Model New York shows. But, 22 year old dental hygienist Loriann Marchese has parlayed her titles into an amazing season of media accomplishments. She says, "I have landed covers on Natural Bodz Magazine, Fitness New Zealand Magazine and Health.

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  • 19 Jan MS. BIKINI INTRODUCTION. The Ms. Bikini Universe competition is quite simply a beauty contest, but with special emphasis on body shape, condition and overall attractiveness. It includes three competitive rounds. There are no qualifications to compete and the event is open to women worldwide. All of the.
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I recently won Need Bikini Universe healthiness bikini competition in Miami. It was my first all the time show and my first ever term at a suitability It was my first ever screen and my in the first place ever time at Miss Bikini Circle 2018 fitness enterprise.

Miss Bikini Universe 2018

I really enjoyed it and play a joke on now been awarded a pro bank card card joker which means when I compete reiteratively, I compete in the pro border. This means I must step up my training, fast and stage scene to the next level.

Let's wake up with morning stretches with Former Ms. March 16th, Comments Off on Nothing. Julie shares, "Nothing can imprison you except your own [ Bikini Universe Pro Stefania Hurtado is starting the week off good and motivated! Stefania says, "Hard work is a two-way roadway. You get exactly what you put in. Reality Take a look at this comparison with those pretty eyes of yours! That left picture [

She literally came out of nowhere to win last year's Ms. Bikini and Model New York shows. But, 22 year old dental hygienist Loriann Marchese has parlayed her titles into an amazing season of media accomplishments. When you go to any competition, there can always be an element of beginners luck.

But, when novice competitor Loriann Marchese took the stage, you knew there was a lot more than just luck going her way that day. At 5'5', lbs. Bikini and Model New York divisions with a gorgeous stage presence and stunning appearance.

The 25 year old dental hygienist says she loves staying fit. After a while, I decided to take my body to another level and join the fitness bikini world," explains Loriann. She has been competing for less than two years and usually wins most of the shows. I've been a model for six years and really enjoy being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She explains, "I've been hooked on zip lining and fun water sports like jet skiing. Erotica


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