Earnings Call Transcript Asshole

Asshole Earnings Call Transcript

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14 Aug After Wall Street analyst Richard Grubman had the temerity to note that Enron took the unusual step of failing to release balance sheets along with earnings statements, COO Jeffrey Skilling replied: "Well, thank you very much. We appreciate that asshole.” Eight months later, the company was brought. 18 Apr Enron Corp.'s top executive on Tuesday publicly fired off the same vulgarity that brought President George W. 2 Jul Desai argues that it's not, that finance is primarily the story of risk, though he admits that "the asshole theory of finance" is powerful: that is, "it's not the people who finance attracts who are bad. It's just that finance fuels ego and ambition in an unusually powerful way." To counter all the antiheroes in finance.

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  • 7 Feb Next, Skilling called him an “asshole” on a conference call with investment managers and analysts. I had heard about this infamous and What follows is a transcript of that short exchange, taken from the now-infamous Enron conference call of April 17, Operator: Richard Grubman of Highfield Capital.
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Desai's The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Mercy in the Cosmos of Risk and Return Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, takes "the unorthodox position that viewing Earnings Entitle Transcript Asshole during the prism of the humanities liking help us revitalize humanity to money management. For instance, there's the just published Cents and Sensibility:

Earnings Call Transcript Asshole

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